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Dozens displaced after Louisville apartment fire

Part of the roof is gone after the fire. Part of the roof is gone after the fire.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE)- Twelve families totaling 24 people are homeless tonight after a fire rips through their Lyndon apartment complex. The fire broke out just after 4pm Sunday at the Westbury Harbour apartments on Lake Road near Westport Village.

"I heard everybody screaming and then all of a sudden, I saw smoke," said James Ewing, who lives in the apartment building.

Ewing and his brother were inside his 3rd floor apartment.

"I opened the door. The hallway was full of smoke," He said.

Ewing says his brother knocked on someone's door, telling everyone to get out.

"All of a sudden, we looked, came outside and there was flames shooting out of the roof," Ewing said.

Major David Howser, with the Lyndon fire department, said the fire was under control by 5:05pm. From the outside, Howser said it appears the fire began in apartment 11 on the 3rd floor and got into the attic. No one was in the apartment at the time. At least 1 unit was destroyed.

"There will be water damage throughout since the fire was on the 3rd floor," Howser said. "When we went defensive, we had to put big arrow ladders up to put the fire out. It puts out 1,000 gallons a minute."

Shauntay Todd had just gotten off work and pulled into the parking lot.

"Oh my gosh, Fear!" she said.

Her building was on fire.

"From the looks of the hole, definitely smoke damage," said Todd. "Definitely water damage to everything I have."

No one was injured in the fire.

"It was pretty scary," Ewing said.

It was a scary situation that is still hard to process.

"I probably lost everything I own. I have some clothes, but I am missing my shoes," Ewing said with a laugh as he looked down and lifted one of hit feet wearing white socks. "I guess I could've grabbed my shoes."

The fire left people like Ewing and Todd to wonder...what's next?

"That's a good question. I'm not sure. I lost everything I have," Ewing said. "I'm going to have to find a place to stay, I guess with some family or something."

Todd said "I guess just a lot of prayer."

The cause of that fire is under investigation.

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