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Mayor Fischer unveils healthy new plan for Louisville

Healthy Louisville 2020 was unveiled Wednesday. Healthy Louisville 2020 was unveiled Wednesday.
Mayor Greg Fischer Mayor Greg Fischer
Dr. LaQuanda Nesbitt Dr. LaQuanda Nesbitt
Councilwoman Marilyn Parker Councilwoman Marilyn Parker

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Cutting down on salt and requiring a body mass index test for students in kindergarten through 6th grade were two of the recommendations listed in a 6-year comprehensive plan unveiled by city leaders Wednesday.

Mayor Greg Fischer and Director of Metro Department Public Health and Wellness Dr. LaQuanda Nesbitt presented the plan which was designed to significantly improve the city's health titled Healthy Louisville 2020.

One of the first focuses of the plan is to ban the sale of e-cigarettes and hookah products to minors, saying it is an absolute must to protect our youth in this city.

"Our job is to improve quality of life," Mayor Fischer said. "Smoking kills you and science proves this so one of the things we have to do is enact ordinances send that message out loudly to the community  that these are things we know are very bad for you."

"The sooner the kids have access to that the sooner the kids have damage and the addiction starts," Councilwoman Marilyn Parker said.

Supporters of the e-cigarettes said it's not tobacco and the product is safe, but there's still the argument about nicotine.

"It is an addictive drug that causes inflammatory problems, vaso-restrictive problems and it should be kept out of the hands of minors," Parker said.

Healthy Louisville 2020 also aims to raise the state cigarette tax, curb trans fats in local foods and expand smoke free areas.

"It's more about creating a healthy environment that allow people to live healthier lifestyles and overall improve everyone's quality of life," Dr. Nesbitt said.

The proposed ban will be introduced to Metro Council next Thursday and could be passed by the end of March.

To read the full plan, click here.

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