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BBB issues scam alert involving missing Malaysian plane

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Recoverycrews continue to scour the Indian Ocean looking for any sign of the Boeing 777and the 239 people on board. Now, scam artists areusing people's curiosity about what happened as a way to prey on them.

Scam Artists have taken tosocial media for this latest attack and it's spreading so fast that the BetterBusiness Bureau issued a Scam Alert.

The BBB says people areposting Facebook teases like, "Video of MalaysiaMH370 Plane Found in Bermuda Triangle. Passengers alive." Another popular versionpromises: "News Flash: Missing Plane Has Been Found!" 

Victims of the scam clickthe link thinking it leads to a news site. Instead, they are taken to an unfamiliar,third party website.

A pop up may appearprompting you to update your video player. But when you click "OK,"you aren't getting a new software version. You are really downloading malware.

Charlie Mattingly with theBBB said, "Most of this malware is geared to track your keystrokes. Sothey can get your usernames, your passwords, your account numbers. And if theyare able to load malware on your computer, and do this keystroke tracking, theyget information that allows them to get access to your accounts. Whether it'scredit cards or even back accounts."

To protect yourself theBBB advises:


  • Don'ttake the bait: Stay away from promotionsof "exclusive," "shocking" or "sensational"footage. If it sounds too outlandish it is probably a scam.
  • Hoverover a link to see its true destination: Before you click, mouseover the link to see where it will take you. Don't click on links leading tounfamiliar websites.
  • Don'ttrust your friends' tastes online: It might not actually bethem "liking" or sharing scam links to photos. Their account may havebeen hacked. But it may also be clickjacking, a technique thatscammers use to trick you into clicking something  that looks like something familiar, such asthe Facebook "Like" button.


This scam is also not tolimited Facebook. Watch out for similar links posted on Twitter, through othersocial media or sent by email. 

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