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Large So. Indiana marijuana bust leads officers to CA

(Source: Clarksville Police Department) (Source: Clarksville Police Department)
Toan Quac Ngo (Source: Clarksville Police Dept) Toan Quac Ngo (Source: Clarksville Police Dept)
Lyndsey Ann Ray (Source: Clarksville Police Dept.) Lyndsey Ann Ray (Source: Clarksville Police Dept.)
Daren Ngo (Source: Clarksville Police Dept.) Daren Ngo (Source: Clarksville Police Dept.)
Bryce Mitchell (Source: Clarksville Police Dept.) Bryce Mitchell (Source: Clarksville Police Dept.)

CLARKSVILLE, IN (WAVE) - A drug operation worth more than $6 million is leading investigators to California for the largest marijuana bust in the Town of Clarksville's in history.
The Clarksville Police Department arrested four local people who they say are a part of the massive drug ring. Toan Quac Ngo, Lyndsey Ann Ray, Daren Ngo and Bryce Mitchell are facing drug-related charges, in addition to federal charges including racketeering.
Police say the marijuana seized is the most potent marijuana sold on the streets and is injected with a variety of substances. More than 2,600 lbs. were seized, according to police. Officers say the biggest achievement isn't necessarily the amount of drugs and money found, rather the overall bust of the operation.

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"This all stemmed from an officer on the street making a drug arrest," according to Clarksville Police Chief Mark Palmer.
It was the packaging of the marijuana that caught officer's attention. The investigation was then turned over to the narcotics unit. Police later learned the pot was grown and wrapped in California.
Police have four other suspects in California who they say are packaging the drug and overnighting to at least 16 hotels in Indiana. Police say the alleged California dealers then fly themselves to the Hoosier state to pick up the drugs and deliver to the local dealers. Police haven’t arrested these individuals but expect them to be handcuffed and extradited to Indiana soon.

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"A lot of these people do not have citizenship, a lot of them do. A lot of them are on a work visa," Palmer said. "That is also going to be looked at in reference to what trafficking may be coming from outside this country," he added.
Police used tracking numbers and surveillance videos to locate suspects dropping off the packages and picking them up. During the seven-month investigation, police said they never went undercover. Officers raided seven homes in southern Indiana and Louisville, seizing $1 million in cash and assets, in addition to the drugs.
"They seemed very comfortable so chances are it was going on for some time before we ever got involved in it," Palmer said.
Police say packages were being shipped a couple times a month, one box selling for $43,000 on the street. Police counted 170 shipments during the time span of their investigation.

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"We think this has made a significant hit in shutting down some of the drug trafficking we have here locally," Palmer said. "I think what you're going to see come out of this is reduction in some of the drugs on the street." 
Clarksville Police credit the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) for a large part of the investigation’s success, in addition to Indiana State Police, Jeffersonville Police and Clark County Sheriff’s Department
Police say they expect more arrests soon.
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