Unusual birds may appear in Kentucky, Indiana after Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael may cause unusual birds to appear in Kentucky, Indiana skies

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The impact of Hurricane Michael may soon be felt in WAVE Country.

The storm could change some things in the sky, and not just the weather.

Leaders at the Louisville Nature Center said some unusual migrating birds may be seen in the region.

"A hurricane can devastate their food source," Executive Director Rebecca Minnick said.

Habitats can be hit hard too. She said that means migrating birds may be off track in Kentucky, avoiding storms and searching for food.

"It can delay their migration because if they're not strong flying birds, they're going to need to wait until the winds die down a little bit," Minnick said.

A bird holds a berry in its beak at the Louisville Nature Center.
A bird holds a berry in its beak at the Louisville Nature Center. (Source: WAVE 3 News)

So, birdwatchers might see some animals they don’t typically spot.

"Gulls along the Ohio River here that you know are normally at the coast," Minnick said, discussing birds she's seen in the past.

Minnick said, due to the warm start to fall, she hasn’t seen as many birds as normal.

"In a big hurricane season, you can see coastal birds coming inland trying to avoid the winds or maybe reroute their pattern," Minnick said. "Sometimes, that's okay and they can find their way back to where they need to go. Sometimes, they go too far and they die because they cant find the right food."

The Louisville Nature Center has a bird blind which allows viewers to see birds without being seen by them.

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