WAVE Country’s Toughest 10 - South Park Country Club, Hole #8

WAVE Country’s Toughest 10 - South Park Country Club, Hole #8

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - South Park Country Club is one of the oldest country clubs in the state of Kentucky. It opened in 1905 and features 40 acres of lakes. A lot of that water is in play on the golf course, including on hole #8.

The par 5, 540 yard test requires accuracy off the tee with trees lining both sides of the fairway. There is also a bunker on the left side. The entire hole doglegs to the left.

David Huffman is the head golf professional and general manager at South Park Country Club.

“You have to curve the tee shot right to left to really take advantage of the hole,” Huffman said. “If you hit it too far to the right and kind of straight you’ll go through the fairway into the tree line. If you curve it too far to the left, there’s a bunker, short left, and there’s a tree line short left. So if you over turn it to the left, it’ll end up in that tree line.”

When you are finally ready to take a shot at the green, you’ll have even more trouble to contend with.

“The approach shot is guarded by water short of the green, so if you lay up, you still have to hit across that water,” Huffman said. “If you decide to go for it in two, obviously you have to carry it over the water, so it makes it pretty challenging, and then the green is guarded by a bunker short left of the green, and then a hillside on the right. The green is very sloped back to front and right and left."

Even the best golfers struggle with this one.

“The average score on that hole, for the average golfer is probably about a seven,” Huffman said. “People will get in the tree lines, can’t get out, and then they’ll try to hit a heroic shot, end up in the water, happens all the time. People are taking eights, nines, tens and I’ve even heard about elevens and twelves.”

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